A key to wearing a beard with a round face is keeping the beard neatly trimmed (unless that isn’t your thing at all – you do you if you like!). You’ll want to shorten it on the sides so you don’t have bushy sideburns, but you’ll also want some length at the bottom of your beard. The length gives you the appearance of a longer, more oval-shaped face, and it provides a slimming effect that many beardsmen are looking for. Essentially, you’re overriding your face’s roundness to draw it out and give the appearance of more length.

Some men have more of a square face that includes a strong jawline – think Clark Kent and Superman. If you want to accentuate your jawline, then you’re better off keeping a shorter beard (such as Stubble or Chevron) or go with a scruffier look. The point is to keep your beard trimmed down while shortening its length to help show off your chiseled jaw. If you think your jawline is too sharp and want to soften it a bit, then you simply need to add more length. You’ll want to keep your beard trimmed short on the sides, but add some length along the jaw and chin. It will give you more of an oval look.

Men with a triangular-shaped face should focus on a wider hairline at the point of their chin, which styles such as the Whaler, Chops/Sideburns, and the Natural can provide. This, in turn, helps broaden your chin and jawline while squaring it off to get a more uniform look. You’ll also want to avoid hair on your cheeks, which over-emphasizes your wider jawline. Meanwhile, keep the hair on your chin shorter. A Beardstache is another style you should consider.

Ah, yes, you – with an oval face. Your DNA, working in conjunction with the beard gods, has blessed you with a face shape that works well with just about any beard style that you can imagine. An oval face is the perfect middle ground between all the different face shapes; your cheekbones are slightly wider than your jawline, and your jawline is slightly rounded. Like we said, every style works for you. A shorter beard with clean, defined lines will make the most of your proportions, but don’t be afraid to experiment with beard styles. You’ve got the ideal face shape. Take advantage of it.

The four face shapes above cover a lot of ground, but there are other shapes worth mentioning, too, such as the oblong/rectangular face, and the diamond face. A man with an oblong/rectangular face has longer features that include wide jawbones that sit just above the mouth, and a deep, square face. Beard styles that work well with this shape are typically those that make your face appear fuller, such as a chinstrap or mutton chops. You can also use a mustache style that breaks up your face vertically, such as the Chevron (as worn by Tom Selleck).

Beard Services and Care

Along with your shave or even with a trim ask our barbers about the hot towel treatment.

This treatment starts with a scrub to soften the skin, then with a hot towel which is wrapped on your face before you are put under the steamer.  This with make sure you get a smooth shave. After a moisturiser is applied and finished with a soothing cold towel.