Haircut Styles Explained

Taper and Fade

The fade haircut, also sometimes known as a taper, is the most popular way to cut a guy’s hair on the sides and back. As the name implies, the men’s fade haircut involves a close trim with hair clippers at the bottom of the head, gradually blending into the hair on top.

Low Fade

The low fade is the most popular kind of taper, and often includes a drop which wraps around the ear and down the neck. We highly recommend the low taper fade for business professionals who need a safe yet stylish cut.

Mid Fade

The mid fade offers much of the same look as the low fade, but starts in the middle of the sides. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance cut, this may be your best choice.

High Fade

The high fade may be the best haircut for guys who want a short sides, long top hairstyle. As it starts higher up on the head, the hair starts becoming shorter around the temples or forehead.

Bald/Razor Fade

A skin fade begins from a total shave, with no hair at all, and gradually fades into the hair at the top of the head. Sometimes known as a razor or bald fade, this short cut on the sides and back provides the cleanest finish with the most contrast. Depending on whether you get a low skin fade or high bald fade, this look can be really edgy and awesome.Which tapered or faded style you prefer is largely dependent upon personal taste.


The undercut hairstyle is another trendy look involving short sides. Unlike the fade, the undercut is cut very high on the head and all one length, requiring no fading. However, guys may ask their barber for an undercut fade if they desire the high trim to be blended.

Comb Over

the comb over hairstyle involves short to medium length hair on top, but the upkeep and daily styling routine are much less intense.

Buzz Cut

Practical and easy, the men’s buzz cut may be the most low-maintenance haircut available, other than shaving your head bald. Your barber will use clippers and evenly trim all the hair on your head to the same length. For a very short buzz cut, ask for a number 1.

Crew Cut

Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is all about being textured and messy for a more natural finish. This style ultimately provides a refined appearance.

Quiff Haircut

The quiff involves longer hair at the front of the head,the quiff looks best with a fade or undercut on the sides, accentuating the medium-length hairstyle on top. Guys would be well-advised to keep in mind that the look requires a good amount of styling. This is styled into the classic voluminous look by brushing the hair forward and up, and applying product.


The pompadour is characterized by a smoother, even silhouette for a more defined shape. The key difference between the pompadour and the quiff is one of style rather than the actual length of the hair or shape of the cut. So if you have long hair at the front, you should be able to get style your locks into both a pompadour and a quiff.

Slick Back

No specific haircut on the sides is required to achieve the slicked back style. All you need is a decent length of hair on top to comb back and you will be able to get this rebellious style. Most men opt for the slicked back undercut because the contrast makes the look stand out more.

Faux Hawk

The fohawk imitates a mohawk by having a long section of hair running along the middle of the head. Unlike the mohawk, the faux hawk haircut is accompanied by a fade instead of shaved sides. The overall look is eye-catching without being as loud or showy as a full mohawk.

Side Part

As a variation of the comb over, the side part haircut is an elegant, simple style that involves separating your hair into two sides with a comb. The dividing line should be to one side of your head where your hair naturally parts.

Textured French Crop

The French crop, also known as a textured crop top, is similar to a crew cut but with an even fringe added to the front. While a fringe can be incorporated into both long and short haircuts for a unique look

Man Bun

There are several variations to this cool men’s hairstyle, such as the full bun, the low bun, the half bun and even the undercut man bun. Guys can also get a long or short man bun.You can also pair a man bun with a beard for the manly lumberjack look that’s in vogue right now.

Top Knot

The top knot is tied at the top of the head, while the man bun near the crown or back.Furthermore, another common distinction is that guys with top knot hairstyles seem to prefer shaving the hair on the sides. If you have long hair and want to try something different, the top knot is an easy change of style that accomplishes the hipster look.